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Youth Engagement 

Political Advocacy

Membership in this exclusive network will provide you tools, skills and opportunities not learned in school to elevate your business.
You will also collaborate with experienced and proven hair care professionals on policy, youth, and health and wellness initiatives to advance your leadership and knowledge as a barber or stylist while empowering you to want to
​improve your community. 

Empowering Ohio communities of color to improve health outcomes to promote wellness, our members learn more about what good health is which motivate our members on mindful eating
and exercise practices that can be shared with our members’ clients. From our collective membership, we advocate for numerous issues impacted our communities including infant mortality, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer and look to leverage
​our membership for effective health care policies. 

Already heavily involved with youth through Making a Difference, Inc., our members focus on how to best serve school-age children in underserved communities in the state of Ohio. Our membership partners with established youth programs and organization in mentoring, leadership development, and educational efforts to uplift and strengthen the family unit. 

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Being aware of local and state politics is just
​as important as national policies as these local and state issues directly impact our businesses, families, and customers. Therefore, by educating our members on state policies and issues, located in the state capital, we can meet with representatives and lobby at the statehouse and support initiatives that best support barbers and stylists’ professions collective and non-partisan interests. 

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